Friday, October 31, 2008

Audacity of denials : Obama- Denier -in-chief


If I spend more time, the list will be longer. His nose is getting so loooooong!

Sen. Obama has the audacity to deny that he had no involvement with ACORN except representing them in a suit.
He denied that terrorist Bombers William Ayers was close friend,” just a guy in my neighborhood”
Then he denied that he knew of Ayer’s violent past though everyone in Chicago heard the many news about Ayer’s terrorist acts
Then he denied before a nationwide TV audience during the third debate that he started he announced his political career at the home of Ayers!
He denied that he is a socialist when sharing the wealth come straight from Karl Marx!
He denied having any lobbyists- he had 47 & counting!
He denied knowing that his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, hates America, after hearing his sermons for 20 years!
He denied that his church, Trinity United Church of Christ, was particularly controversial, when in fact the racist, hate sermons spewed from the pulpit makes it THE most controversial Church in America!
He denied Knowing convicted , corrupt Tony Rezko well, you have known him for 17 years and he gave you a sweetheart mansion deal!
Denied he was ever a Muslim when Indonesian paper proves otherwise
We’re kind not to call you liar- in –chief

Here’s a List of 50 lies

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