Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newest, poweerful ad released! Obama's Plan: Driver's Licenses for Illegals


October 22, 2008

Been urging Mccain camp to run this for weeks, so happy to see it! "We are beginning a massive rollout of this ad in key swing states.

The pro-Obama and liberal blogs are already attacking us.

They don't want people to know that Obama supported this crazy, radical idea- he's on a limb!

Dick Morris says this ad could defeat Obama, I agree. Even Hillary's adviser Mark Penn warned early this year that Obama's support of driver's licenses for illegals could cause his defeat.

My suggestions to them was more elaborate (see the body of comment below for my script), but you can't say much in 30 seconds):

Nineteen terrorists infiltrate the U.S.

Thirteen get driver's licenses.

The 9/11 plot depended on easy to get licenses.

Obama's plan gives a license to any illegal who wants one.

A license they can use to get government benefits, a mortgage, board a plane, even illegally vote.

[Wolf Blitzer of CNN asks:] "Senator Obama, yes or no."

[Obama responds:] "Yes."

Barack Obama. Too radical. Too risky.

The National Republican Trust PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

We all should donate money to groups like this, designate it for TV spots. They take credit card online.

See link:

Scott Wheeler, Executive Director

The National Republican Trust PAC

Obama's Plan: Driver's Licenses for Illegals

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