Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain need to bring up these 6 related issues at Press Conference on National Security!



The following are excerpts from what I sent Sen. McCain , his campaign advisers this morning. Hope they will use the brilliant strategy by Friday or too late! It's a Win-win, the way I see it! It will energize his base, put us on OFFENSIVE mode, and wipe that smirk off Obama's face who has the audacity to joke about,"Will they call be a secret communist next."

Dear Sen. McCain:

I beg you to seriously consider this brilliant strategy- it will cause PANIC in Obama camp and certainly propel you past Obama! Low down risk.

A National Security Conference.

In light of the following 6 critical issues, each significant revelation in itself, but when presented in a logical order, combined together , it mushrooms to become a HUGE national security issue!

#1. Unprecedented withholding of evidence by Obama camp and by the Mainstream media

LA Times has withheld for months critical video which reveals potentially damaging info. on Obama’s true attitude towards Israel and MORE... This is the WORST example of shameless, unethical, unprofessional, biased behavior of a media! We know now that Obama has offered API $3 million to buy the Michele Obama tape so it will not be aired by Fox at prime time this week!

Pew research just released its poll, 70% of Americans see the MSM favoring Obama and only 9% favoring McCain ...Your extreme bias, covering for Obama every time there’s a critical issue or new revelation, is doing a great disserve to your audience, readers and is jeopardizing our Democratic Process!

#2 Obama’s clear pattern of withholding critical information & documents!

It’s almost unprecedented that a Presidential candidate would go ALL OUT to suppress & resist divulging his medical record, his small donors’ sources, his school ‘s thesis, birth certificate ( allude to lawsuit) etc. Why? Did he write about, ”Spreading your wealth”? WHAT IS HE HIDING?

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