Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Is Not Over Yet

By: SW

It is far from over. McCain has a fighting chance to catch and pass Obama in these remaining 20 days.

My hope is Americans will realize what a dangerous proposition it is to put someone so inexperienced, so untested, so liberal and so cozy to radical groups to be the chief executive and the commander-in-chief. I hope they understand that rhetoric can only get you so far. There is nothing Obama has done in the past that would tell me that he will be a good President. There is everything in his past association and actons that tell me he cannot be trusted.

McCain needs to pound on the messages that (a) Obama's tax and spend policy will push the country into recession/depression; (b) having big government run everything is contrary to the American way of life; (c) Obama's inexperience and wrong foreign policies will endanger Americans.

I agree that Palin shoulud be unleashed but McCain must take the lead in pounding these messages home.

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