Friday, October 17, 2008

My ad idea! Obama is clearly too EXTREME for America!

Any one know how to upload it on to U tubes?


He WILL raise your tax & huge increase spending during the WORST crises- a repeat of Hoover’s mistake, thus driving the country into the WORST DEPRESSION!

He supports Selective service for Women!

The media refuse to tell you best kept secret, that last year, he supposedly went on a taxpayers-supported fact-finding trip” to Kenya but on U-tube you could see him CAMPAIGNING for his radical cousin, Raila Ordinga, who has been blamed for instigating a MASSACRE after he lost narrowly!

Sen. Obama once voted for infanticide (flash) babies who survived an abortion) , that’s extreme!

He wants drivers license for illegal aliens and health care for illegals! That’s extreme!

He wants to SPREAD AROUND YOUR wealth to all the poor people around the world in his Global poverty Act. He supported the CRAZY idea of driver’s license for illegals (sigh)

Obama immersed himself in the writings of radical blacks: Richard Wright, W.E.B. DuBois, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin. His favorite was Malcolm X.

Google “Obama’s leftist friends” He’s been closely associated and allied with dozens of extreme leftists including William Ayer, Rev. Wright. Raila Odinga

He is cheered by terrorist leaders from Hamas to Libya’s Kaddafi. Play U-tube,”Obama, my Muslim brother…”

Tell you why- they all PERCEIVE Obama is weak in Foreign Policy and terrorism!

Fact is Obama is TOO extreme & risky for America’s FRAGILE Economy & national Security!

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david said...

well, if you guys believe God, why you think that it is justified to kill all the innocence people in Iraq? The Republican is leading the US in a wrong way. IF you looked at the bible, i don't think God is supporting war instead of keeping the world peaceful. Also, if illegal immigrants have a way to get driver license, it means that they will be able to buy auto insurance, and it will keep the road safe. Driver license really have nothing to do with terrorism,it is a way for people to drive and insured their vehicle.