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Shocking Videos & Facts You Must See Before You Vote On The President!


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I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, I was recently one of those” undecided voters”, but after exhaustive research, I’m relieved that I’m no longer undecided. What I have discovered shook me up. How come I didn’t hear these things from the media?
If you are reasonable, open minded, please take 8 minutes to read this, will save you much time sifting through conflicting info.
In the beginning, I felt Obama sounded good and I had reservation about McCain.
I wanted hard facts, not just feel good, because some people can be big talkers.

I am sick of last 8 years, I honesty want change, but need assurance it’s change for better!

Can you promise not to jump to defend or argue?

Surprise #1. Obama’s utter lack of experience for the job
Four years ago, he admitted he was not ready for the job, but what has he accomplished in 4 years that qualified him. I was surprised that On Feb19, 2008, Chris Matthew of Hardball interviewed Obama supportor, Senator Kirk Watson, and asked twice,” Can you name one accomplishment of Sen. Obama in the US senate?” He could not name even one!

Compare the resumes, he has far less executive experience than Gov. Palin!
I got ask myself, we are faced with the worst crises, would I hire him with no executive experience, never fixed any problem to be the CEO of my company which is in a financial storm? Nope! That would be audacity of insanity! It’s like asking a new electrician to fix a huge blackout after a Hurricane!
I have asked at least a dozen of my pro- Obama friends,” What has he done which caused you to believe he will bring good change? Not 1 could name 1 thing! That bothers me more! Are they a bunch of robots who’s been mesmerized by a smooth talking personality?

The best is,” He promised to cut tax for…” I remember Clinton promised he would not raise taxes, but turns around to raise it! I listen to his 30 minute infomercial, and he promised the moon, but I kept asking,”How will he pay for all this, in light of the HUGE bailout? I discovered third shocking fact? It becomes clear that he has a tendency to say anything that would get him votes. Remember he first promised a tax cut for 90% of all Americans. When pointed out that 35%+ don’t pay any income tax, then he changes to 90% of working Americans.
Honestly, I am not sure McCain has the know how to fix our mess, but Obama has even less experience. Quickly, as to who was to blame for this Credit Crises, I think both parties. share the blame, but if you will watch this video of the 2004 Senate hearing to investigate Fannie Mae & Freddie , you will be SHOCKED that it was the Democrats who blocked reform.

Surprise #2. Sen. Obama’s radical and alliance with dozens of extremists and racists
Willian Ayer was just the tip of iceberg. McCain nor the media has not touched on 95% of them, but I found them googling,” Obama's communist friends.” Obama had at least four mentors, all share a common socialist or communist ideology. They are Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright (a racist Rev. who hated White America), Father Michael Pfleger (another radical left racist) , Professor John L. Mcknight of Harvard . You could learn much about a man by his mentors!
Obama in his book mentioned his first mentor, by “Frank” who guided him in his decisions. If such a person who was like a “father” to him, shouldn’t he mention his FULL name? But if it’s easy to prove that Frank Marshall Davis was a known member of the Communist Party, USA and also a sex pervert and sold drugs, then if I were Obama, I naturally won’t put down his last name. H’mm.
Don’t take my word for it, but Google all these issues yourself.
The media did not report to us that Obama campaigned for his communist cousin for President of Kenya 2 years ago. Here’s 2 minute proof:
"Barack Obama and Raila Odinga –this extremist instigated mass murders after he narrowly lost

Surprise #3. Obama sat under his second mentor, America-hating Rev. Wright for 20 years!
How could a man not be influenced? Obama, in his book, said he decided to join Trinity Church of Christ, BECAUSE of its ideology. He HAD to know something about its radical Anti-American beliefs. After hearing over 1000 sermons, how could he give the following lame reply, after Wright’s hate sermons were exposed, “ I never heard such teachings…” Oprah joined this same church but left after 2 years? Why would a man tolerate and subject his children to such regular spewing of hate for THAT long?
See Obama's Ties to Ayers, Rev. Wright & Kilpatrick
Takes only 1 minute to see this unbelievable U-tube
Obama ‘s favorite writer was Malcolm X!

Surprise #4. Obama did clearly have a Muslim past

I have nice muslim co-workers. I don’t despise people of a different religion. Obama has stated that he NEVER was a Muslim, and that he has become a Christian. What bothers me is why did he have to lie about his past? You gotta watch these 2 brief shocking videos where Farrakham of Nation of Islam and Kaddafi of Libya , both called Obama,”My Muslim brother”. Both were on record endorsing him.

Libya’s Kaddafi cheering for Obama in a mass rally

Racist Farrakham of Nation of Islam calling Obama”Messiah” ,”My brother”

Surprise #5. Sen. Obama really believes in Socialism, no kidding!

If someone put a gun to your head, and take your wallet, that’s theft, right? But if the government force businesses and the “rich” to “Spread the wealth around” by taking your money and give to the poor, it’s sacrifices, it’s legal, and patriotic. I don’t get it!
Have you ever worked for a poor person? Won’t such coercion force many businesses to lay off or ship the job abroad or just close its door? Greed destroys yourself in the long run! I recall in my college days that class envy/ warfare are Marxist teachings.
I bet you don’t know that in Dec. 07, Obama was a co-sponsor of the Global Poverty Act (S.2433) . He wants America to share $8 45 billion wealth with all the poor of the world! If that’s not socialism, then I don’t know what is! Sharing is beautiful when it’s voluntary, but it’s evil when it’s compulsory! It bugs me that Obama would not share his wealth with his poor half brother in a Kenyan hut and his poor aunt here! .

Obama has said he wants to make the 12 million illegal here U.S. citizens ASAP, add health care…, do the math! I am convinced now that Obama HAS to RAISE TAXES to fund all his pet projects. Best economists say if you increase tax during such times, it will DRIVE US into a Depression! Remember Hoover’s mistake!

I bet you never heard from the media that in 96 Obama first ran for State senator in Illinois for the New Party in Chicago, a socialistic party, NP was established by the Democratic Socialists of America . Weatherman Underground later split from it.
Again, Google, “Obama and New Party” So much documentations here.

Guess what is the favorite slogan of socialists? “Change!” The fact that he voted in IL Senate to Ban all guns, and he was against homeowner’s right to defend his home with a gun worries me more. Radical changes are coming!

Surprise #6. Virtually every communist, socialist, radical groups here and numerous terrorist States/groups abroad all endorses Obama’s candidacy!

This frankly was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.
They include racist Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam), Raila Odinga, communist leader in Kenya, Daniel Ortega, Marxist Leader, Nicarauga, Raul Castro, Cuba, Kaddafi of Libya, the Hamas, New Black Panther Party , William Ayers, and four other members of the Marxist Weatherman Underground! Something’s wrong with this picture!
You can not say the same of McCain, no matter what you think of him.
The fact is the above all want to CHANGE America into a Marxist Regime. Should I really be voting for such a man, perceived by enemies of America to be weak or who secretly want to change America into a socialist nation?
See link with pictures: you’ll in for a shock!

Shocking #7 Why did Obama refused to release 14 pertinent documents?

Why won’t he release his medical, Columbia thesis record, Harvard College records, Illinois State Senate record, Certified Copy of original Birth certificate , Harvard Law Review articles published. Did he write about socialistic ideas? Obama has yet to release information on more than 80% of his contributors. I checked, McCain has released them.

It bothers me when I found overwhelming evidence that one party is attempting to STEAL this election, by hook or by crook! I don’t care which party! The leftist ACRON has registered 1.2 million new voters this year, there are investigations in 15 States over its massive voter fraud, registering dead or fictitious people, even Mickey Mouse can vote in Florida! Google “Obama and ACORN” His fingerprints are all over this massive, nationwide voter fraud, Obama’s campaign gave over $800,000 to this outfit! He trained its workers, but he had the audacity to lie before nationwide YV audience,” I was not involved with ACORN”!

In closing, I am a well educated professional, I came to the conclusion and I hate to admit it, much of my shock is due to the mainstream media. I just read the PEW poll which found 70% of the people think the media favors Obama, while only 9% for McCain. .
Obama cannot be a strong candidate, with the worst economic mess, armed with record war chest, outspending McCain 5 to 1, he should be running at least double digits!. Currently, he is about 3 points ahead.

This is still a very dangerous world, even Sen. Biden predicted Obama will be tested by foreign powers within n 6 months. I wonder on which side he will stand on? All his close buddies hate America! The fact that he championed & voted for driver’s license for illegal Aliens in Illinois showed he was incredibly na├»ve and way out of mainstream America!
I also am concerned that if he wins, for the first time, there’ll be no more checks and balance as one party controls all branches!

From my heart, I like to see a African American to be President, but the RIGHT kind of African American, Obama has too much heavy baggage from his hidden past,
No spin, no speculation
Do your own research rather than go with your media or friend’s spin!

Still not convinced? Watch this exceptional power point!
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