Friday, October 31, 2008

Indicting video! Obama stuttered when asked "Do you accept R Obam's racist friends! ev. Louis Farrakhan's endorsement? Wow! pass this on!


Obama & Rev. Wright supported racist Louis Farrakhan's million man MARCH! Have you ever seen his stutter THAT much! He must have a frog in his mouth!

How did I miss this taped interview during the primary, Feb 26, 08?

Why aren't more people using & showing this tape? See it & you will be shocked!
Farrakhan is the greatest DIVIDER of America

Interviewr,"Do you reject his support?" Stutterd, evasive answer!
This is an indictment of him!

Quote & play this before Election & Obama is finished!
His Jewish support will drive up, even some gays, since Farrakhan condemns gays.

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