Thursday, October 23, 2008

Philip Berg today says he will release affidavite that Obama's grandma says Obama was born in Kenya!


This should be HUGE news!!

I have heard this for some time, but today Berg makes it clear he already has an affidavits that shows Obama's paternal grandmother , telling someone that,"I'm so proud of him (Obama), he's going to be the President of the US. He was born in this hospital in Kenya..." He will release it in 1-2 days!

What are you guys so afraid about, to bring up this issue? Because it's seems silly or improbable? or you plan to release this as October surprise/?
You should not wait THAT long, in latter's scenario.

Tell me why Obama would rather spend money hiring a lawyer to defend him rather than simply producing a birth certificate, case closed? No one could explain that! It makes no sense!

A certification of life birth of Obama is supposedly posted at his website, but if you compare it to the certificate at, the one at fact check has a seal! So how could they be the same?
Moreover that is still NOt the birth certificate!

Experts have looked at it and said there's evidence of tampering and changing, such as the name area.

This is the GREATEST cover up in history of Presidential election, and the McCain camp is mum about it?
What is the downside to this question? None! It's Legit Question!!
If nothing else, it will help raise the level of doubts out there among undecided voters!

Why can't you safely say in context of Obama not releasing his school, medical record, "... by the way, millions of Americans are wondering why Obama refuses to release his birth certificate to this day? Why is Obama so secretive about so many things or relationships? I, John McCain, already released mine, I have nothing to hide..."

Let's see How Obama will reply?
I never bet but I would BET he cannot produce it!
Obama camp has always responded to every rumor or charge , except this one!
He is MOST definitely COVERING something up!

Rush talk a little bit about
Berg's site has 59 million hits in 8 weeks! unbelievable!
The people has a RIGHT to know & have FULL DISCLOSURE!

Rush bring it up a little today. Michael Savage interviews Berg today for a long time & obviously believes in this scandal.

You might regret waiting till last minute to raise this Question!
Takes time for this news to spread to all undecided voters!

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