Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's trickled up poverty


Actually, the first person who used this term was Michael savage, then Rush picked it up.

The best way to describe the Barack Obama financial plan is trickle-up poverty. Everybody who's poor is going to stay that way; people who are in the middle class are going to get poorer and on up the ladder. It's trickle-up poverty via Obama's tax increases. That's the way to counter this. Look, the Democrats have been trying to revise history on trickle-down economics but they admit that it works every time the government comes up with a stimulus plan. Every time Nancy Pelosi or somebody or Obama or anybody on the left says, "We need more consuming going on out there and people need more consuming power," meaning they need more money, more disposable income. It's just the Democrats want to be thought of as the source of that disposable income. They don't want that disposable income to come from tax cuts and people keeping more of what they earn. They want that disposable income to come in the form of a bribe, a check from the government; and there are enough people, sadly, who will buy into this as good economics.

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