Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Grades Are In: McCain WON third debate!


If any one told you Obama won, he is living on a different planet or he is biased or brain-dead!

October 16, 2008

As he is wont to do, Mark Halperin graded the performances of each candidate in the debate. His conclusion? McCain got an A- while Messiah Obarky got a B. He based his grading based upon four categories: Substance, Style, Offense and Defense.

And McCain won in every category.

Let's start with Substance because that is what the American people are really looking for in their next leader.


Grading the Final Presidential Debate

Though he conveyed a general sense of his agenda, he did so without bothering to fight ardently for his case.

Grade: B

I noticed that Obama was flat last night. Like all he was doing was rehearsing once again those well worn talking points. Somehow he was unable to project that even he believed in them despite his supposed eloquence.

Now let's take a look at McCain on Substance.


Avoided the policy weeds, as usual, but sounded more engaged regarding his economic program, presenting a clear, thematic argument. He was also good on climate change, trade, taxes and spending.

Grade: A-

Last night John McCain the Maverick reappeared. I could tell from the very start of the debate that McCain was on his mark. He spoke with authority and offered specific details to crucial problems.

Next comes Style which has always been Obama's forte. Yet last night the Obarky was bested by the Real Deal.


Appeared tired and irritable, and bore the ills of a poor makeup job. While initially seeming distracted and even resentful of the evening's activity, he eventually realized he needed to step up his game, and became more conversational and involved.

Grade: B-

The aloof one was on full display. And he couldn't hide that fact regardless of how many times he smiled as McCain ripped him to shreds.

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