Friday, October 10, 2008

ACORN Pays cash to Register Teenager 72 Times

By hook or by crook, Obama's associates & ally at ACORN, will deliver the votes!
How can they continue to get away with this! We must petition Justice Dept. to SHUT this outfit down! Our government, under Demorats, must stop funding it!

October 10, 2008

An Ohio teenager says he was given cash and cigarettes by activists with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) for registering to vote 72 times.

“Sometimes they come up and bribe me with a cigarette, or they’ll give me a dollar to sign up,” 19-year-old Freddie Johnson of Cleveland told the New York Post.

“The ACORN people are everywhere, looking to sign people up. I tell them I am already registered … They say, ‘Can you just sign up again.’”

ACORN — whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama — is under investigation in at least nine states for potential voter fraud.

In Connecticut, officials are probing the allegation that ACORN registered a 7-year-old girl to vote.

Bribing citizens with anything of value to get them to register is a felony in Ohio.

Johnson told The Post his haul over an 18-month period was from 10 to 20 cigarettes and “anywhere from $10 to $15.”

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