Monday, October 13, 2008

As market soars 900 points, mcCain's chance also should rise!


Main reason McCain down is because of stock market & bad news. So depending how economic winds blow, it can shift momentum for McCain!
Dick Morris feels the same today. "If ever the market stabilizes, Americans will be captivated by the Ayers-Obama ties and the relationship between Farrakhan and the Democratic nominee. The increasing evidence that ACORN is committing voter fraud, registering people over and over again in anticipation of stuffing the ballot box on Election Day. As ACORN gets raided by the FBI, it will hurt Obama. He was general counsel to its Illinois affiliate, and Obama channeled millions to the radical group when he got control over the money William Ayers got from the Annenberg Foundation."

All of these ties are damning for Obama and will reinforce the doubts that Wright first put in our minds. They will lead people to question Obama's values and his fitness for the presidency.

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