Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Correction, Sen. Obama: Health care is NOT a RIGHT!


Check the constitution! Only God gives you rights! If government gives you right, it can take it AWAY!

McCain last night said it's a responsibility, but Obama said it's a right! Typical liberal mindset.
There are many who don't believe in insurance, they should have option to choose their own, rather than being MANDATED or dictated to by Big , socialistic government!
Obama & Hillary & their ilk wants us to be like Canada! No thanks, do you know how long is the line there waiting for a surgery!
How many flock across the border to America to get them done!
Stiop being so NAIVE!
Even education is NOT a right, it's a worthy pursuit.

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Anonymous said...

Any christian that says Health care is a privilege for the rich and that 47 million people who cant afford health insurance needs to go read their bible again.

I am signing as anonymus But can any christian please tell me why I am wrong? my email is