Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally McCain says it today" Obama needs to explain ACORN ties"


Alright! Expect more tonight, this is Golden opportunity he dare not miss!

John McCain directly questioned his rival’s ties to the liberal voter registration group ACORN during interviews with multiple TV stations Tuesday.

“Thousands of forged documents have been passed off as voter registration. I am very worried about it, I am very worried and I am worried about Senator Obama’s connections with ACORN and those should be fully explained as well. So I am deeply concerned,” he told Telemundo during an interview before his economic speech, one of seven local and national TV interviews he did this morning.

Republicans have been aggressively attacking Obama’s ties to the group in recent weeks as ACORN has come under investigation for potentially illegal voter registration activities but McCain has not personally addressed the connection until now.

“This ACORN voter registration fraud…that deprives Americans of their most precious right–they’re not just allegations, there is evidence,” McCain said.

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