Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lawsuit Against Obama and the DNC

By: SW

This blog has mentioned this lawsuit which I have been watching with much curiosity and admiration. Philip Berg, a lawyer in Philadelphia, is suing Obama and the DNC as he is sure that Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen so he is not qualified to be President of the U.S. In this blog there is also a video which features Berg explaining his case. I have gone over all the legal papers he filed and I must say that this guy is very professional. I know some of you out there think this is a fluke lawsuit floated by the Republicans as a hail Mary pass. It is not. The interesting thing about this lawsuit is:

1. Berg is a lifelong Democrat so the Republicans have nothing to do with this lawsuit.

2. He has a lot of facts and evidence. The only things he does not have are a birth certificate on Obama from Kenya and a birth certificate on Obama from the U.S. That is why the lawsuit demands that Obama provides the offical birth certificate to prove that he is qualified to run for President.

3. The so called birth certificate that has been posted on Obama's website and some other website are strongly believed to be fraudulent. Of course you could Dan Rather the thing and insist that it is genuine. But there are so many flaws with the birth certificate (it is actually not an official certificate but some kind of birth record) that one has to be a Dan Rather to believe it.

4. The easiest way for Obama to kill the lawsuit is by producing an official birth certificate. How long would this process take? It will take me a minute to dig up my birth certificate. Why does Obama refuse to do it is obvious.

5. McCain produced his birth certificate when similar questioins rose. He was born in Panama to U.S. citizen parents. So he qualfies as a natural born U.S. citizen.

Berg is pursuing this case doggedly, and millions of people have visited his website. I understand Berg is appearing in Hannity & Colmes tonight, 10/13.

So far the main stream media had been completely silent on it. But this is the age of cable TV and blogging, so MSM cannot block this even though it tries to.

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