Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain came out a bit stronger but no knock out punch


These are my thoughts & notes I took, and did not have time to reorganize it.

Again I saw the whole debate. I thought McCain came across stronger & better than the first debate, but not strong enough. It's just not natural with him. Both of them did better the first half of debate. I want to be as objective as I can, I call it a tie, no CLEAR winner.
Stop counting on debates to win it for McCain, won't happen.
There is only one way the Republicans has left to win this, and I am not about to share it yet.
Even Gov. Palin's performance, on the attack, may not be enough.

We hear pretty much same old stuff on Foreign policy part, kind of boring.
McCain definitely better & quicker to rebut Obama's points than his first debate.
McCain have better eye contact with Obama than last debate.
Obama's closing statement was better than McCain
Moderator was bad, filtered out the Q's. The questions are weak, some waste of time.
McCain's best punch was when he pointed out Obama was #2 largest recipient of Fannie's money, that Democrats opposed reform, that Republicans warned & tried to pass bill.
Obama's strongest attacks was on giving tax breaks to richest, oil company, something McCain still don't have a good answer.

McCain pointed out Obama voted for tax increase 95 times, maybe a bit exaggerated in numbers & Obama did not have time to rebut.
McCain scored point talking about he's for nuclear plants, for drilling now...
MCain scored on challenging Obama to tell us what's the fine to small businesses if they don't provide health care to employees.
Mccain stated well,"No time for on the job training" What can Obama say in reply? Nothing. McCain failed to rebut Obama's charge on de-egulation.
Obama stuttered more than first debate, more nervous.
McCain fail to differentiate himself from Bush & his policy- sort of weak examples.
McCain scored a point by pointing to Obama's pork barrel spending, including million dollar projector.
McCain did right by reminding voters Obama is most liberal Senator, & Obama COULD NOT rebut this fact.
Overall, got to be honest, I am listening to two weak candidates, one much worse than other.
McCain still afraid to go after Obama on his radical friends.
This debate probably will not sway the election much, maybe by one point.

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