Thursday, October 9, 2008

Palin Dangles Red Meat To Heated Wisconsin Crowd!


Well, that's REFRESHING & electrifying!
(MILWAUKEE) - John McCain and Sarah Palin were about halfway through a town hall meeting here when a man in the audience rose to be heard.

“I'm mad! I'm really mad!” he shouted. “And what's gonna surprise you, it's not the economy. It's the Socialists taking over our country.”

The crowd of several thousand erupted in thunderous cheers, as if many of their most underlying concerns had finally been verbalized.

The man’s righteous anger set the tone for Palin, who fully embraced her role as the Republican ticket’s attack dog. Palin seemed to question Barack Obama’s character repeatedly and slammed his judgment on hot-button issues like abortion, calling on voters to hold the mainstream media accountable for failing to challenge the Democrat’s truthfulness.

When an audience member lamented that Tom Brokaw “cleverly” did not bring up the issue of abortion at the last presidential debate, McCain reaffirmed his pro-life position but also extended an olive branch to those on the other side of the issue, saying, “We have to show compassion and courage to any young woman who is undergoing this very difficult situation.”

Palin was more direct in wielding the verbal hatchet against Obama.

“And I appreciate your reminder of the compassion needed in this issue,” she said. “What I don't find compassionate is Barack Obama's vote as an Illinois senator, when three times he had the chance to vote to be able to provide health care for a child who was born alive as a result of a botched abortion.”

CBS News 10-9-08

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