Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Propositon 8 Will Pass!

By: SW

Although not directly tied to the Presidential election, on Nov 4 Californians are voting on an extremely important Proposition which will put into the State Constitution that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Several other states are also voting on this issue that day.

Recent poll shows the YES votes are ahead by 5%, after being behind previously. Two ads helped to turn the tide around. Below are these two ads.

The first one is called Whether You Like It Or Not, featuring the arrogant mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom.

The second one is called "I Can Marry a Princess"

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Anonymous said...

Last night I was watching TV. It was a program about the prisoners in the jail. Most of them are gang members and in the show they talked about "Big Business and Big Money". Suddenly, I understand the big picture that I believe God want me to see.

The gangs, drug dealers, prostitution business owners, pedophile association and gay association are connected to each other and support each other. They all want gay marriage to be legalized NOT because they think everyone should have right to get marry. It's because by legalizing gay marriage, they can make the school to teach NOT only homosexuality, but also bisexual, transsexual, etc. and assume that pedophile and bestiality as well (just to be understood). Their goal is not to eliminate discrimination to gay people but to desensitize the next generation to those "crocked sexual behaviors" so that when they grow up and become voters, the propositions that favor them will come out of the oven and place on their ballots. These include:
-legalize prostitution (everywhere) - now is on S.F. ballot 2008.
-legalize drugs
-legalize pedophile and sex age to 12 (might even 8)
-legalize polygamy
-legalize bestiality

Just to say, legalize all SINS. Believe it or not, there's pedophile association exist. I can quote a guy in Y/A who has a friend in such group and meet regularly. Once these agenda passed into law and become legalized, it is big business and big money to them.

Here's the quote:

it's typical.....I've seen guys exactly like him. I hope that it's wrong though.

Even if your husband is actually a closeted gay, he wouldn't treat you that bad. In my case, the person that I know of is actually a pedophile. He shows gestures and conversation that is linked to homosexual but is not engaging in that activity at all. Why? Because he is attracted to small boys. He also brought some guy friends over and always keep his distance from his wife when he's talking with them. Why? Because he was talking about boys, and those guys are at one organization like him.

Just remember that I am talking about someone else, and not your husband, although the symptoms are the same.......But let's hope not. Let's just hope that he is just some rude guy who keeps you as his trophy wife so you can just dump him gladly, with no one harmed."

As we know, there's already bills AB2567, SB777, AB394. These are the bills about celebrating Gay Day at public school and forcing the school to teach homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, etc at public school. They are actually bills that's sitting on our Governor's desk waiting for him to sign into law. If you don't know about these bills, it's because they want to make it low profile and silently passed without any people can object it. They are NOT liberal at all. They don't want to hear our voice.

I have seen many people make wishes, they wish for a better world and better environment for everyone and the next generation to grow. What about your wish?

I urge you to vote "yes' to proposition 8 and "no" to proposition K (S.F. ballot) if you live in S.F. Also "yes" to proposition 4 (notify parents before abortion perform to teen who under 18).

God bless you and your next generation