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The TRUTH about William Ayers that Obama does not want you to know-best evidence

After researching this subject, I have put together a brief summary of the best evidence in a manner that’s easy to follow. Why is Barack Obama so comfortable around many radicals who hate America? Could it be they are also comfortable around him? The FBI on Oct. 3, 2008 is investigating another long-time friend of Obama, formerIllinois state senator, Sen. Walsh.

Sen. Obama’s false portrayal of terrorist William Ayers as just a guy in the neighborhood is not going to fly. Obama’s friend is America’s enemy. In spite of Obama’ campaign going ALL out to SUPPRESS overwhelming evidence, to intimidate radio stations from airing ads tying him to Ayer, Americans deserves to know the FULL truth..

The New York Times, selective in reporting all the things their sources told the paper, tried to whitewash this close association.

Fact: Ayers is a notorious terrorist, guilty of bombing the Pentagon in 1972. Charges were dropped only due to government surveillance violations. By his own admission, he is “guilty as sin,” but “free as a bird.”

He said (New York Times, 2001 )“I don’t regret setting bombs, sorry only that he and the others “didn’t do enough.” National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg recounts his sentiments ,“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents”

Fact: Weatherman was a revolutionary communist sect. Weatherman's founding document called for a "white fighting force" that would be "akin to the Red Guard in China" to work with the Black Liberation Movement to bring about a communist revolution and destroy "US imperialism." Weatherman committed at least 40 bombings.

Larry Grathwohl, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated Weatherman, later testified that Ayers had identified Bernadine Dohrn as the person who bombed a San Francisco police station in February 1970, killing one officer. The agent also said that Ayers had built a bomb made from 13 sticks of dynamite that the group placed in a Detroit police officers' association building.

Since the 60’s, the Marxists did some self-criticism. They got smarter. Instead of bombs, they prefer the Ballot box. Dress them up in suits and instead of call for violence, call for CHANGE.

Ayer’s wife, Bernardine Dohrn, once on FBI's 10 Most Wanted List for inciting a riot and conspiracy. at the Weathermen “War Council” meeting in 1969, expressed jubilance over he barbaric Manson Family murders of the actress Sharon Tate!

Dohrn became a key planner in the founding of the Venceremos Brigades, an outfit which support Castro's Cuba,

Ayers and Dohrn were fugitives from justice for years, in hiding. When they emerged, both were welcomed into the ranks of academia, and became respectable professors!

Birds of the feather flock together. It was at the Chicago home of Ayers and Dohrn that Obama, a “community organizer,” had his political coming out party in 1995. Would you have chosen the home of a known bomber to host your fundraiser? Newspapers confirmed Ayres contributed to Obama in 2001.

Sen. Obama praised an anti-American book by Ayers.. Obama made a joint appearance with Ayers (1997 University of Chicago panel ) on the outrage of treating juvenile criminals as if they were criminals. This panel was orchestrated by Michelle Obama. Ayers was invited by the Obamas there. Ayers said, “A 13-year-old who picks up a gun isn’t suddenly an adult.”

Ayers and Obama teamed up for three years on the board of the Woods Fund

Why has Obama avoided talking about his primary executive experience, at Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) ? If it were you, wouldn’t you have put it down on your resume applying for job as Prez? Unless it could open a can of worms, when people probe into it.

Fact: He led the CAC- documents in the CAC archives make clear that Ayers and Obama were PARTNERS there. Ayers was one of a working group of five who assembled the initial board in 1994. Despite Democratic sources downplaying this, Obama would not have been appointed to the CAC chairman without Ayer’s approval!

The Daley documents show that Mr. Ayers sat as an ex-officio member of this board. He also served on the board's governance committee with Mr. Obama, and worked with him to craft CAC bylaws. Mr. Ayers made presentations to board meetings. They got to be close rather than casual friends!

The issue here isn't guilt by association; it's guilt by participation. As chairman, Obama was lending moral and financial support to Mr. Ayers and his radical circle. For example, $175,000 went to former SDSer Mike Klonsky who until recently was also a blogger at Obama's official campaign website. Before reinventing himself as an educator, Klonsky founded an American Maoist communist group that worked with the Chinese communists. Among the extremist groups receiving funding from CAC were ACORN and Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church. It fits like a jigsaw puzzle!

Fact: Ayer, referring to America, said ” It makes me want to puke.” Obviously hanging around many leftist extremists like Ayers did not make Obama want to puke.

This is no exaggeration or speculation, but established facts and events!

Ayers did not respond to e-mails and telephone calls requesting clarification of the relationship.(Washington Post: Fact checker). Why, if there’s nothing to it?

Fact: There can only be one conclusion- Obama is much more RADICAL and controversial than his repackaged image.

His AT THE LEAST Unquestionably Soft on crime, having terrible judgment

His true dangerous ideology may be HIDDEN from the public, with the help of the liberal biased media.

Ayer’s is just the tip of an iceberg. Google under,” Obama's leftist friends” & your eyes will be opened to a mountain of information.

We now have the names of 4 more Weatherman Underground terrorists who signed an online petition of Progressives for Obama, to support Obama's campaign.

Why would they endorse someone who allegedly had denounced their violence?

Vote NObama!


Mr. Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Obama's Foul Weather Friends, American Thinkers, Oct. 5, 2008

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