Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VP Debate Host Has Likened Conservatives to Terrorists, Truck Bombers


I tell you PBS’s Gwen Ifill is No Moderate Moderator! She is an ultra liberal who dislike Christians!
PBS host Jim Lehrer asked tough questions to President Bush about his record, but failed to do the same for John Kerry. He asked Kerry to list Bush's “colossal misjudgments,” and then to list the President's lies. But he never once asked Kerry about his 20-year Senate record. Will PBS’s Gwen Ifill do better in the running-mate debate? The evidence suggests here comes liberal moderator number two:

Campaign “Reform” Opponents Like Terrorists. “It was a bill that was doomed to die. The last time you heard people so eager to claim responsiblity for something like this, they were terrorists.” — Ifill on opponents of a campaign “reform” bill, Washington Week, Feb. 27, 1998.

Ken Starr’s “Truck Bomb.” “There's very little they can do about this, when someone drives, as one House Judiciary Committee member put this some weeks ago, a truck bomb up to the steps of the Capitol and just dumps it on is in some ways, politically, a very violent action for Ken Starr to leave this on them weeks before an election when they're trying to decide how to deal with it.” — Ifill during live MSNBC coverage of the Starr Report arriving on Capitol Hill, September 9, 1998.

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