Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I believe McCain CLEARLY won tonight-an analysis


Not the first 2, but tonight!
As one with experience in TV debate, I try to be objective about this.
Obama is on defense though the night, stuttering much more than previous, notice?
McCain went after BO much more than other way around
McCain is smiling, relaxed, while O is nervous
ABC & CBS both had focus groups, and I was happy to see in both groups, one lean more towards O, but 3 more McCain! McCain is rebutting EVERY point brought up, an improvement
McCain score points on Education (not throwing more $, vouchers), Health Care, (Mandate vs choice), tax (not spreading around wealth, class warfare, we #2 corporate tax, no one should pay more taxes now), oil drill he’s opposed, notice Obama’s eloquence,”we could LOOK AT” drilling. That was funny!), programs you will cut (Obama bombed out! McCain point out O’s pork)

Best lines /moments McCain-

I am not Bush, should have run against him…” Smart! He said he was going to debate me in town hall, any time…, O spent MORE $ in negative Ads than anyone..I can prove it!”
“Your point of standing up against your (Demorat) leader isn’t very convincing!”
He gave $830,000 to ACORN, he had political party ay Ayer’s home… facts are facts. Record is record!”
Biden got weird policy ideas. Voted against Gulf war, want divide up Iraq”
“Notice O talk about government , spending, why do we always have to spend MORE $?” “Runaway spending must be brought under control!” He sounds like he believes it.
“O’s idea of raising taxes in hard times…”
“We got too MUCH government, into health care?”

Obama’s best moments- McCain’s criticism of my taxing $42,000…. Been pointed out wrong by even FOX…” Smart!
McCain said,” If we talk about economy, we’d lose”

McCain won argument on Columbia, abortion, on how many years you can stop our dependency on Foreign oil (7 vs 10 years)
Obama’s lie- Buffet, Lugar…these are people who shaped my life” (What about Frank Davis, Rev. Wright?)

Missed opportunity
McCain blew it not nailing O as trainer for ACORN, shaking down banks. O & company caused credit mess” “Ayers is just tip of the iceberg, long list of leftist pals besides Ayers”
McCain should have nailed O on his pr-union vote in Illinois, stifle school improvement

McCain answered Q on VP much better than O.
From debate standpoint O make repeated mistakes in ALL 3 debates by saying,” I agree with Sen. McCain”
Closing statement, both did okay, but I feel McCain could have done a better job!
No knock out punch and McCain really need one, but he hits & jabs O many times, O is wobbling, I would not be surprised this will result in 2-3% increase towards McCain within 3 days.

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