Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beware of drastic, dangerous Changes Obama will bring to you! Read B4 Vote!

Please feel free to use this and forward to everyone you know, who ever they vote for! Spent too much time working on this. Thanks

After investing countless hours in research on the two candidates, with a desire to know the truth, to help my family & relatives how to vote, I am convinced the changes Obama brought will be very drastic and harmful to most Americans. As a researcher, I poured through his voting record, his ideology and interviews , and the picture that emerges is quite CLEAR! If he wins, most voters will discover that the product they bought is very different from what was promised! There will be buyer’s remorse! Let me say I disagree much with McCain, but at least you know what you will get. If you don’t have courage or desire for truth, do not read on.

I bet you’ve never heard from the media o f the following radical , even dangerous changes that he wants!.

He has stated that he wants to naturalize 12 million illegal aliens ASAP, with social security benefits, etc. He was the main pusher for driver’s license for illegals in Illinois!

He pushed in Dec. 07 his priority project, Global poverty Act, to SPREAD American Wealth around with the poor in the WORLD, costing almost 25 billions, as a starter! Smacks of socialism! These new voters will ensure that he stays in power for 8 years.

Higher tax & spending are guaranteed to hit your door step! EVERYONE, not just those earning $150,000 WILL HAVE HIS OR HER OR THEIR TAXES RAISED, simply on the basis of letting the Bush tax cuts expire! Few people are talking about that!

There is no way we could pay his $800 BILLION spending plan, especially after the $700 Billion bail-out, without huge tax increase! Are you that naïve?

Clinton promised he would cut taxes, but raised taxes, you forgot? Remember when asked, which program Obama would cut? He could not name one! There’ll be new taxes on retirement accounts, and socialized medicine. Worst, If you’ve money invested or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes!

Experts have warned that in times like this, the worst thing one can do is raise taxes and increase spending; Hoover drove us into the Depression! That’s like pouring gasoline to fire! BTW, what accomplishment/experience he has that makes you believe he could fix this Big MESS?

Within 4 years, likely sooner there will be record bankruptcies, massive layoffs, the longest Depression, we will reminiscent the good old Bush days

Tough on crime laws like 3 strikes, death penalty, will be repealed & signed. Obama hated prisons, if you read his writings. He wrote a favorite review of bomber William Ayers’ book, which is so soft on minors committing murders! After Obama and his liberals dominated Chicago politics, Chicago has become the MURDER CAPITAL of America! Its economy is deplorable! Coming from a top corrupt city, Obama will surely clean up corruption in DC and Wall Street! Nineteen Senators including McCain signed a letter urging the reform of Fannie and Freddie, Obama’s name is conspicuously absent!

"If Obama wins, it means hiring an arsonist to fight a fire." -- Mona Charen,

Obama will either tamper with or ignore the Constitution, this based on his views in an interview. He will stifle Freedom of expression and freedom of religion, if anyone dares to scrutinize him. Did you know his crony investigated Joe the plumber, all because he dared to ask a critical question on his socialistic tax plan!

There will be laws passed to stifle voices of dissent and ban all handguns. Why do you think there are so many people rushing to buy guns like in Florida? There’s also the fear of riots if Obama should lose narrowly. Did you know he voted to prosecute law-abiding citizens who used a gun to defend themselves or their families?

He promised to slash the defense spending and end this & that system.. The last time Clinton slashed it by 30%, soon after 911 hit us like a ton of bricks! Why do you think virtually every extremist leftist, communist, terrorist groups endorses or cheers for his candidacy? They perceive he is weak and easier to manipulate or exploit!

Our standard of living will drop for the first time. Red tapes will get longer. We will see an exodus of Americans leaving the country after 4 years!

He already talked about getting his civilian national security force on the street, I have a bad feeling who will make up this force.

Under him, ministers will be forced to marry gays or they go to jail!

Property rights will curtail, after all he is a proven socialist, having first run for Senate on the New Party in Chicago (a Socialist party)!

We will witness the Super welfare Nanny State, taking care of you from the cradle to the grave! You say ,”Isn’t that good?” When government mandates kindergartens be taught gay-sensitive sex education, and that you are coerced to participate in government-run socialized medicine, you call that good? If it’s so wonderful, why are thousands of Canadian crossing border to our hospitals? Do you know of anything the government has taken over, that is efficient? Like the US Postal service?

Obama is the most radical, socialistic, success-suppressing, pro-gay rights, pro-criminal rights, pro-abortion rights pro-tax and spend, Pro-Big Government, Presidential candidate in our history! Americans have always rejected leftists like McGovern, (won only one State!), John Kerry, Dukkakis, but the only reason Americans are about to vote in Obama is because his ideology has been hidden, his radical past has been buried by the media, and his image has been repackaged!

Obama hired the best Hollywood image maker to transform him into the image of a moderate who want to bring positive change and improvement in your life. He has run the best well-orchestrated, slickest, deceptive campaign, using psychological warfare, and he has mesmerized tens of millions of Americans! Aided and abetted by a sympathetic media, Obama sailed though smoothly without any tough questions asked! Pew poll recently showed 70% of Americans believe the media wants Obama to win, while only 7% for McCain!

The media has prevented his many scandals, Odingagate, foreign donorgate, Acorngate, Ghostwritinggate, Commiefriendsgate, Ayersgate, Rezcogate, etc. from coming to light. He is the biggest fraud, Imposter in an empty suit, ever fostered upon the people! Mentored by at least four far leftists like communist Frank Marshall Davis, having closely associated and allied with dozens of known racist, Anti-American radicals like Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, he may well be the longed feared Manchurian candidate! Don’t take my word for it, Google, ”Obama’s communist friends”

You can’t afford the greatest security RISK in our history! He can’t even pass a low level security clearance!

Obama will usher us into the Socialistic States of America, out of the ruins of our Capitalistic System! He will be virtually unstoppable, with an almost veto-proof Senate!

It will be a NIGHTMARE on Pennsylvania Ave.! In four years, tens of millions will consider it an Obamination but they will be helpless to boot him out once entranced in power, bringing in thousands of his old radical friends into all levels of government!

He will be the perfect change agent. He will help move us closer to a one world currency and one World Government!

The winners are, not Obamabots, but mainly Bad Barons like America-hating, George Soros, who gave maximum amount allowed to Obama 24 hours after he declared his candidacy! Hopefully you who read this has not drunk enough Kool-Aid and you will be motivated to pass this on to 20 other friends to wake them out of their stupor!

I can’t in good conscience vote for Sen. Obama and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

A worried patriotic American

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