Thursday, November 13, 2008

MSM now admits Obama is a liberal! Secong coming of FDR! Watch this video!


Remember back during the campaign, when the Obama folks and their MSM cohorts adamantly denied that their man was a liberal? How they would react with scorn to that National Journal study that ranked him the most liberal senator? Nonsense! Very misleading. After all, this is the man who doesn't believe in a red America and a blue America, but in the United States of America. Someone with a history of reaching across partisan lines [even if no good examples were handy at the moment].

So . . . remember all that? Well, forget it. Now that Obama is safely ensconced in his Office of the President-Elect, the MSM can let the [ill-concealed to many of us] cat out of the bag: yes, he's a liberal. Big time! In fact, Obama is nothing less than the second coming of the biggest American liberal icon of all times: FDR!

Time editor Rick Stengel proudly announced the news on today's Morning Joe, unveiling the magazine's new cover which portrays a photo-shopped Obama from that iconic photo of a jaunty FRR in his convertible, hand on the wheel and cigarette holder in place. With "Happy Days Are Here Again" playing merrily in the background, Stengel explained the story.

View video.

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