Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama's first several appointments troubling

Your first two appointments concern us already, appointing Rahm Emanuel, to be your chief of staff! He is the REAL PITBULL who will put Palin to shame! We thought “CHANGE” is coming, and he served on Freddie Mac’s board of directors when the scandal was brewing? HELLO? He was the most PARTISAN hatchet man, under Clinton. We admire your smooth talk about bringing bi-partisanship, being a Uniter, rather than a divider. We notice you appointed Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, to be your ECONOMIC adviser, how uninspiring in light of its ailing economy!

We heard rumblings that you plan to appoint former FCC Commissioner, Henry Rivera, as head of FCC transition team. AS a longtime leftist, he would love to do your dirty work of dismantling commercial talk radio, something your Democratic colleagues favor. Knowing you loath talk radios, is this payback time, an indication of your agenda to stifle free speech? Even many of your liberal supporters would not stand for this travesty in the name of “Fairness Doctrine.” Will you harass, even persecute those voices of dissent in your kingdom or Obamanation? We will be watching your ACTION, rather than your WORDS.

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