Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Illinnois' pick # 666



November 06, 2008

On his radio program, just a few moments ago, Mike Gallagher pointed out that in the great State of Illinois, the day after Senator Barack Obama became President-elect Barack Obama, the official pick-three lottery numbers were - no kidding - 6-6-6.

Here’s the link.

I just found it funny.

And worth mentioning.

I have studied the Bible much, used to teach Amazing prophecies of the Bible & world events. One time I had in my audience Congressman, politicians, leaders, and by the end of my presentation, they were awestruck at the accuracy of the Bible.

I have reservation that Obama is the AntiChrist, like some people claim. He is a CLEAR, great example or type of the AntiChrist (false Christ) , how he could sway & mesmerizes the masses, conditioning them to accept change.

Study Revelation chapter 13, near the end.

Someday the true AntiChrist will sway masses to take the number 666., which could be an 18 difit code, enough to go around so every one in the world will have a unique ID number.

6 is number of man, 3 is number of God. A super man who wants & claim to be God!

It will be invisibly or lasered tattooed on the forehead or hand of every one, to show allegiance to the leader of the New World Order, One World government!

I understand there is a company in Mountain View, Ca. which already has this working technology. You could go to Lucky or any store & the beam will shine on the area with number, immediately money will be transacted for whatever you just purchased! People will love it!

The rationale of having a number:

Imagine no need to carry credit cared, cash, behold a cashless society! No more credit card fraud. No worry in case your child is missing. Claim that you can track down terrorists, etc.

The rational will be accepted & welcomed by the SHEEPLE!

I have a ton to tell you!
Then he will have the support of a one World Church. I used to lecture much in this, all moving along rapidly.

Here we have the rise and return of J. C. the second! not Jesus Christ, but Jimmy Carter! LOL

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