Monday, November 3, 2008

If I were Mccain, here's what I would say Tuedsay

1. This from newest Gallup poll - it confirms our contention! Guess what % of the supporters of Obam vote for him because he's qualified/experienced?
Ask crowd? Guss again?
2%! That's not much better than Ronald McDonald!

November 03, 2008
About a third of Obama voters want change. Two percent are voting for Obama because he is qualified/experienced.

2. If I were Sen. McCain, I would say,"Due to his radical, hidden past, We have strong reasons to now believe that if Obama become the next President, hAmerica will be attacked again ana again! One big reason , history tells us when do enemy attack a nation? when they perceive it's weak & has a weak leader, who rather negotiate than retaliate!

Last time (Clinton) slashed our military defense spending by 30%, shortly therafter, the terrorist attacked us on 911, killing over 3,000!

They have already boasted they want to kill tens of thousands! Obama has strongly emphaseied his priority will be to cut , CUT, CUT all sorts of military spending, weapons! Sen. Obama, you don't weaken your self in dangerous times like this!
The audacity of insanity and the height of naivety!
No wonder every terrorist outfit and leftists groups in America are rooting for his candidacy! Makes sense! Evey thing fits!

I WILL not let it happen, over my DEAD BODY!! "

Say this passionately, it will put you OVER the top!

3. Another good lines," Send 2 proven reformers & fighters to Washington, and like Batman & Robin, we will cut ridiculous park barrel spending, CLEAN up corruption and this Big mess! Obama has never made a difference in US senate or in Illinois Senate, Palin & I have! "

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