Friday, November 7, 2008

Pbama won because he was the luckist candidate! Mull over the evidence

Very diffdrent from what you hear from the MSM, ponder the following excerpts from An Open letter to Obama...":

We believe that if you objectively look at the overall picture, you did not REALLY win. Columnist Charles Krauthammer hit it right on the nail when he wrote, “We have never had a full-fledged financial panic in the middle of a presidential campaign…the economy had suffered nine consecutive months of job losses. Considering the carnage to both capital and labor …, even a Ronald Reagan could not have survived. The fact that John McCain got 46 percent of the electorate when 75 percent said the country was going in the wrong direction is quite remarkable.”

Byron York, of the National Review online, with a similar observation, wrote,” Could any candidate have been elected to succeed a president of his own party whose job approval rating was 25 percent? Probably not.

Could any candidate from the governing party have been elected after the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 4,000 points…? Probably not.

You simply capitalized on these anxieties, taking advantage of the theme of "change."

Many of us frankly feel McCain is the weakest Republican candidate, most of us have major disagreements with him, but we believe you will do major damages to America, our Constitution and the Bill of rights!

You are lucky to have an unparalleled war chest
If you are not so lucky to run in this UNPRECEDENTED economic storm against the weakest, oldest Republican candidate, you would probably have lost! Are you lucky to have the nicest guy as your opponent, who called you,” A decent man whom I just happen to have some disagreements with.”

You are LUCKY to have hundreds of media lapdogs aiding and abetting you every step of the way! These same people act like watchdogs, when they went to Vietnam and Alaska, digging dirt on Gov. Palin’s family!

And are you lucky to have such a silver tongue! If it’s in the reverse and McCain could talk four times as well as you could, you think you will still have this job?

If you had honestly run as a far leftist, you would have lost.

President-Elect Obama, you are the LUCKIEST Presidential candidate in history!

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