Thursday, November 13, 2008

The hypocrisy and audacity of Obama demanding invasive disclosure of applicants for his Cabinet...!


President-Elect Obama need to honestly and completely fill out his own application before demanding such from people who like to work for him. Should he not be held to a higher standard? Fact is he is the MOST UNVETTED, dishonest candidate, always dodging issues or being evasive in his answers to inquiries! Will someone ask him this question during the next press conference?

Do you know that the questionnaire being sent by his office to those who desire to serve on the cabinet and other high-ranking posts may be the most extensive in history, even invasive?

It includes 63 requests for personal and professional records, some covering applicants’ spouses and grown children. Children too? Get this! Applicants are asked whether they or anyone in their family owns a gun! They must include any e-mail that might embarrass the president-elect, along with any blog posts and links to their Facebook pages.

It asks applicants to “please list all aliases or ‘handles’ you have used to communicate on the Internet.” Wow! Gestapo is coming to town! We need to know it all! The vetting process for executive branch jobs has reached a peak! However, why hasn’t Obama himself fully disclosed his own radical, leftist, shady PAST? This is the height of hypocrisy!

“President-elect Obama made a commitment to change the way Washington does business, and the vetting process exemplifies that,” said Stephanie Cutter, chief spokeswoman for the Obama transition office. Okay, but why doesn’t he lead the way by EXAMPLE? Where is his medical records, his college records, thesis, birth certificate…? HELLO? Will Obama disclose his membership in the socialist New Party? His Marxist mentors?

A former Clinton White House official who insisted on anonymity said in an e-mail message, “I believe it is considerably more detailed than we had to fill out in ’93. Interesting that they want spouse information on everything — means lots of folks are going to have to list the very prominent — and controversial — companies that their spouses work/lobby for."

The first question asks applicants not just for a résumé, but for every résumé and biographical statement issued by them or others for the past 10 years — a likely safeguard against résumé falsehoods, one Clinton administration veteran said.

Most information must cover at least the past decade, including memberships in groups that have discriminated on the basis of race, sex, disability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. How about Obama’s membership in the most RACIST, Anti-American Trinity Church of Christ?

There are no time limits for some information, including liens, tax audits, lawsuits, legal charges, bankruptcies or arrests. Howe about telling us the 4-5 lawsuits against him?

The answer could duplicate the response to Question 8: “Briefly describe the most controversial matters you have been involved with during the course of your career.” Well, Obama would have a long list! His helping Racist Louis Farrakhan to organize million man march in DC! His serving closely with Ayers, his campaigning for Commie Odinga in Kenya in 2006 on tax payer’s money, as a starter.

There will be more forms, for security and ethics clearances from the FBI. Has the FBI thoroughly vetted Obama, anyone ever looked into this? With his BAGGAGE, he would not even past a low security clearance! .

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