Monday, November 3, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: McCain Surges in New Polls!

By: SW

The main stream media wants everyone believe that it is all over. It is not.

The brand new Fox News/Rasmussen battleground poll shows Sen. John McCain has surged ahead to tie or lead in key battleground states where Sen. Obama had held a lead just a few days ago.

The undecided voters are breaking for McCain and the McCain/Palin campaign clearly has the momentum to win this race!!

McCain now leads Florida (50%-49%) and North Carolina (50%-49%) is tied with Obama in Missouri (49%-49%( and Ohio (49%-49%). And in two other states McCain is within the statistical margin of error to be tied with Obama: Colorado (51%-47%) and Virginia (51%-47%).

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Christian Conservatives said...

Very tru!

IBD/TIPP 11/2/08: O: 46.7; M: 44.6; U: 8.7 (McCain gains 2.4 points!)