Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorable early news bites!


On BBC Radio 5, at 12.30 eastern Zogby shows that Ohio and Florida were going towards McCain

FOX NEWS - No massive democrat turnout detected so far, Obama camp worried

Philadelphia turnout not as high as expected, Governor said, not good for Obama.

1.2 Million Cubans in Miami Support McCain!

Obama Campaign May Violate Law against Electioneering in Polling Places Judicial Watch ^ | 11-4-08

Michigan- GOP Up 50 Percent Over 2004....

'Take it to the Bank, Pennsylvania is Turning Red'

CO: Massive Democrat Early Voting Effort Nets Only 0.8% Edge in Turnout!

This is good news! This is indisputable proof that the stupid party ID models from the pollsters have been peddling are totally bogus.

Watch for Georgia, Indiana, if they go to Obama, McCain is in trouble.
Watch for Iowa, if it goes toward McCain, Obama is in trouble.

If McCain win Ohio & PA, it is over for ObamaMessiah!
McCain must win Ohio & PA to win!

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