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Look at the huge succesful You Tube #'s!! My 4 favorires!


YouTube Numbers
American Thinker ^ | November 03, 2008 | Larrey Anderson and Otis Glazebrook

Posted on Monday, November 03, 2008 3:34:58 PM by fiodora

If you are a McCain supporter and think this election is over and that the Messiah will be our next president ... check out these YouTube numbers:

Iraqi War vet Joe Cook's self-produced video supporting McCain has had an amazing 12,351,553 hits.

Those conniving Catholics put out their Catholic Vote 2008 video. 2,616,205 have tuned in ... so far.

The most effective McCain Campaign video, entitled "The One," has had 1,603,254 viewers.

A video of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stumping for John McCain has attracted 145,267 visitors in the 2 days it has been up.

"I am Joe," another video (about you know who) from the McCain Campaign has captured the attention 300,704 YouTube visitors.

How about that other Joe (the senator ... not the plumber) and his protégé Hussein? How are they doing?

Joe's higher math quip -- "jobs" is a three letter word -- has had almost 450,000,000,000 viewers. (Oops. That's Biden's math. Make that almost 450,000.)

The video of Joe Biden asking a wheel chair bound Missouri state official to "Stand up Chuck" has captured the attention of 403,159 Americans. (We were unable to determine how many of these folks were from Missouri -- the "Show Me State.")

"Joe Biden drunk on the campaign trail" has been glimpsed 231,257 times. (Seriously, Joe is drunk. Obama laughs at him in the background. Sit back, grab a beer, and watch it if you don't believe us.)

Who can forget Joe Biden's reference to Obama as "clean?" This has received 168,628 peeks.

Hussein, himself, has made some oft-viewed gaffes.

Remember that moment when Obama reminded us that there are 57 states? This moment of enlightenment has been observed 2,338,023 times in its 57 variations. (This number includes not only people in these 57 United States -- it includes viewers in 5,757 countries around the world.)

"Obama lost without a teleprompter" has been seen 238,791 times -- just in its original version.

Let us not forget Obama's friend and pastor, the Rev. Wright, whose spiritually uplifting sermon "God Damn America" has mesmerized 2,924,008 parishioners.

Or the video in which the CEO of Fannie Mae addresses Obama and other members of the congressional Black Caucus as "family." (1,912,856 Americans have not forgotten.)

If Obama and Biden lose the election "Joe the Plumber" could be to blame.

The Obama vs. Joe the plumber debate has been plumbed 1,345,065 times.

And Biden's heroic attack on "Joe the Plumber" has inspired 368,760 viewers.

Finally don't miss this startling video of an Obama interview that Rick Moran blogged on AT earlier today. This video, in which Obama brags that his cap and trade policy will bankrupt the coal industry, has garnered 190,000 + YouTube miners in less than 15 hours.

Forget those poll numbers. The numbers on YouTube are looking pretty good.

my favotites:
wAtch it again, if missed these

The media did not report to us that Obama campaigned for his communist cousin for President of Kenya 2 years ago. Here’s 2 minute proof:
"Barack Obama and Raila Odinga –this extremist instigated mass murders after he narrowly lost

See Obama's Ties to Ayers, Rev. Wright & Kilpatrick
Takes only 1 minute to see this unbelievable U-tube

Libya’s Kaddafi cheering for Obama in a mass rally

Racist Farrakhan of Nation of Islam calling Obama”Messiah” ,”My brother”

Last one is most HILARIOUS! Obama's gaffe!

Stuttering without a teleprompter

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