Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama can win the popular vote by 10 and still lose the election


It's unlikely McCain will win the popular vote.

Obama will likely win California and New York by 20-25 points or more.

And black turnout in the South will reduce McCain's margins to single digits.

But who cares?

Whether you win a state by 1% or 20%, a win is a win is a win in the electoral college.

All McCain has to do is hold the Bush states and steal Pennsylvania. Thee is a view that whoever wins PA will win the election. The west is hard because of the growth in the hispanic population and liberal California refugees. So while I'm still hoping to eke out wins in Nevada and Colorado I am not counting on them. I now believe we will win Ohio, PA, etc because of the God sent coal issue and expose on Obama! Today is national Day of prayer!

Let me tell you, I've seen the internals of the PA polls having Obama leading by 7, 8 or more. They are complete nonsense! They have Obama winning SW Pennsylvania and Northeast PA by 10 points. Hillary won many of those counties 3:1. These are socially conservative voters. These are older voters. They are the salt of the earth people that Obama said clung to their religion and guns. They don't like radical change. They will not vote for B. Hussein Obama who spent 20 years in Wright's church of hate. I don't care what any poll says. It isn't likely to happen.

If you look at the last Mason Dixon poll that had Obama with a 4 point lead 47-43 with 10% undecided, the vast majority of whom were white and rural in SW and NE PA, this is very, very, very do-able.

Seriously, if you are still undecided after watching Obama carpet bomb the airwaves outspending McCain 4:1, you aren't going to vote for him no matter what. Obama outspent Hillary 4:1 and still lost by 10 points.

McCain will likely win PA , the people LOVE Sarah Palin, especially Hockey moms, and with it the White House. Do not get discouraged. Get out the vote!

I read a guy's good analysis..he did 4 points ...
McCain may win electoral college and lose total popular vote by as much as 4%

Obama would be MAD if he wins the popular vote by 4% and lose the electoral vote! I think he will probably win the popular vote by 2% , we'll see!

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