Monday, October 6, 2008

CNN found Obama lying about association with terrorist Ayers


This is a REAL huge surprise! CNN is one of most blatant suporter & organ for the Obama camp.
This latest offensive by Palin could snowball into something that COULD potentially make the next momentum shift!

CNN Did A Major Ayers Investigation -- Proves Little Messiah A Big Liar
CNN | 10-06-08 | DHarry

October 06, 2008

On Anderson's Cooper 360 they did a major investigative look at the Ayers/Obama connection. They even interviewed Stanley Kurtz.

Bottom line: Just a guy in my neighborhood? Served on one board together?

CNN Says bulls**t!

They worked closely with each other and worked together on TWO boards -- both Annenberg and the Woods Foundation. They also talked about Ayers little tea party to launch Obama and found Obama hadn't been entirely honest about "just stopping by..." It was an event they planned and hosted TOGETHER.

Sarah Palin needs to come out tomorrow and ride this just like she did the New York Times piece: "It appears as though we've learned once again that Barack Obama wasn't exactly telling the truth about his association with the domestic terrorist William Ayers. As a matter of fact it was in a debate during the primary in which he lied. We know this because CNN reports...."

It's the lies that will sink Obama.

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