Monday, October 6, 2008

Evidence contradicts the assertion that Obama was not involved in ACORN


Besides being ACORN's attorney on many cases, Obama was asked to train its employees on how to talk to & get banks to agree to lend money to poor people who didn't have income to pay back the banks.

Stanley Kurtz (here SK) is a respected writer and researcher with the American Enterprise Institute.
Hugh Hewitt (HH) is a well-respected talk show host.

HH: Have those ties (between Obama & ACORN) been anywhere investigated in print?

SK: Well, I’ve talked about it in an article called Inside Obama’s ACORN. And by the way, this is really interesting, Hugh, the Obama stop the smears website has started putting out denials that he had anything to do with ACORN, which is just flatly false as far as I can tell, unless they’re going in for a kind of Clintonian what the meaning of is is when they say he never organized for them. And yeah, he was working for something called the Developing Communities Project, but we have a number of sources that say he did leadership training for ACORN. I don’t see how they can deny this. And also, he says that he didn’t work with ACORN when he worked on Project Vote, but we have sources that say he did. It’s really interesting. I haven’t had time to write about this, but I want to. He’s denying connections that we have some significant evidence for, and I think this makes it incumbent on the press to start asking him for a detailed discussion of this. But if you go to my article Inside Obama’s ACORN, go to the link with the Los Angeles Times article where it says that an ACORN leader asked him to train her personal staff, or this article you’ll have to subscribe to by a woman named Toni Fulks (sp), who is an ex-ACORN organizer that talks about his work on the leadership training for that group, or Hank De Zutter’s article for the Chicago Reader on his work for the leadership training, or his own statement to ACORN that ACORN was with him when he was doing his Project Vote. It all seems to contradict what Obama’s saying now on the Stop The Smears website. It’s quite striking.


Monday, October 06, 2008
From Hugh Hewitt's interview on Hugh Hewitt Show.

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