Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Congress will likely push through Bailout soon & ...


Today, they are coming back by adding baits!
1 for Democrats, who like mental health
1 for Republicans who like energy independence
Pete Start, whom I rarely agrees, is an old Liberal rep. from East Bay. I salute & respect him for having the courage to vote No the first bailout, we will see next vote(s).
He said that we should not bail them out for THEIR mistakes!
On this vote, that's better than McCain & Obama who are willing to support this bailout. sigh Ahya

I think Pelosi, Barney Frank & co. will, by hook or by crook, muster enough votes to ram it through &shove it down taxpayers' throat by this weekend!
Stock Market will be jubilant, shooting up, as a result.
Actually it will in the end help McCain more than Obama, because it will temporarily lift the DARK ominous cloud over our head.
It will but postpone judgment day!
More banks will continue to fail in the coming months!

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