Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NBC flies To Hanoi To Interview McCain's Torturer For "Real" Story


From Rush, this is amazing! NBC is willing to take the word of a communist, North Vietnamese torturer of POWs over the word of McCain, a true Patriot! Why didn't they investigate the claims of John Kerry by flying to Vietnam? Do you think secretly, this torturer want McCain to win? Of course not!

RUSH: Guess what NBC did last night, NBC Nightly News? They sent a reporter to Hanoi to find McCain's Hanoi Hilton torturer, to see if the torturer would confirm McCain's version of what happened. I am not kidding, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not kidding whatsoever. A new low has been reached. They also claim, by the way, that they've sent people to Chicago to find out about some of the things about Obama, but I'll be damned if I've seen it -- and they didn't uncover anything. We have two sound bites to illustrate this. A portion of the report from correspondent Ian Williams:

WILLIAMS: Lavan Lawa helped drag ashore a badly injured John McCain after his Skyhawk bomber was shot down and he parachuted into these shallow waters.

LAWA: (via translator) Everyone was excited because we got the pilot. Some people were shouting, "Beat him!"

WILLIAMS: But Nguyen Thi Thanh, now 81, took control. A nurse at a nearby clinic, she put splints on McCain's broken arms and leg and gave him antibiotics. In his memoir, McCain says she saved his life.

THANH: (via translator) Most people didn't say anything. But one old man with a stick said, "You're saving the enemy." I told him I was a nurse. I had to save lives.

RUSH: Then, shockingly, ladies and gentlemen -- shockingly! -- they tell us that the Hanoi Hilton "prison director" disputes McCain's recollection of torture. They portray a Hogan's Heroes-type situation. Here Ian Williams continuing his report.

WILLIAMS: McCain has given graphic accounts of beatings and torture in a prison system he's called "an extension of the battlefield." Tran Trong Duyet, the former prison director, remembers it differently.

DUYET: (via translator) During office hours, I would call him to my office and we would have fierce debates about the war. But after hours, we would talk as friends.

WILLIAMS: He says McCain helped teach him English, giving impromptu tests. What remains of the Hanoi Hilton has been turned into a museum, with plenty of space devoted to their most famous prisoner. But most Vietnamese have now moved on, as has John McCain. The possibility of a McCain presidency hasn't heightened curiosity about his story. In this overwhelmingly young country, the memory of the war is fading like the ancient facade of the Hilton.

RUSH: So he and McCain, they talk like friends that have fierce debates here about the war. Then they chatted up as friends, and then McCain helped teach him English, giving impromptu tests. Then why did the guy need a translator here for the NBC report? Why didn't he speak this English that McCain supposedly taught him? But just the premise of this: to go back and talk to communist prison guards to try to verify McCain's version of events! Let me ask this, folks. Did they go to Cambodia to interview any of the soldiers about John Kerry's claims? They didn't. They just defended Kerry and they attacked the swift boat guys. Did they go to Chicago to delve into Obama's ties to terrorists and real estate frauds? No. And did they go investigate his ties to the church? No! They still have not done that, and they won't. Did they follow up on any of Joe Biden's lamebrain claims during his long and not-illustrious career? No, they did not, they have not, and they will not. But they have to go back to Hanoi and check and see if McCain's version stands up to what the North Vietnamese torturer remembers. No mention of torture in this report, none whatsoever. Just this impression: "Hey, you know, we'd have fierce debates about the war and then we'd talk as friends at the end of the day." Yeah, "In fact, these injuries, he must have fallen down while he was here, because we here don't remember inflicting any torture going on him!" This was not said, was not even addressed in the report. BREAK TRANSCRIPT

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