Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gov. Palin has a clear edge over Sen. Biden in debate- my analysis


PALIN KICKED ASS TONIGHT a number of times! The pit bull with lipstick is back, and she can still bite! Biden obviously was afraid to attack Palin so he went after mcCain ALL night long. He did the right thing.
As I said before, she will win if McCain's handler will unleash her & let Palin be her natural Palin! She never came across as phony, unlike Barak. She connected with the American people, and folks felt her energy was refreshing. No gaffes from Biden also!

AOL poll tonight:
Sarah Palin
Joe Biden
It was a draw

I watched it from start to finish & took notes. I thought both did better than I thought. I think she did pretty against a long time Washington inside, who is used to debates & speaking. Several liberal anchors agree it was pretty much a tie. On some areas, she cleaned his clock! She certainly did a much better job than McCain! She did allow several things go on unanswered. or maybe tough to cover McCain's weaknesses. Much better as it went on. Her closing remarks was much better than Biden, no question!

Gov. Palin come across as genuine, personal, upbeat, confident, I love her smile!
Biden come across as experienced, mature but a bit dry. Very pleased with Palin's performance. However, She had the chance right off the bat, and like McCain, she did not go far enough on an offense, to tie the opponents to causing this mess, in blocking reform. Not a word about Obama's ACORN, no word that they are VERY liberal record. I believe thee are idiotic advisers/handlers who advised her against it. I think maybe McCain is hesitating because he is under the impression that we really need this bailout bill.

To her credit, Ifill was pretty fair overall, fairer than I expected, probably because the cry out there, calling,"foul!"
There was a missed opportunity tonight that McCain can still rectify. When Obama or Biden mention corporate taxes the response needs to be that since neither Obama or Biden have ever had a private sector job they probably don’t realize that government regulation represent a cost to business too. And this is included into the cost of products and services and passed along to the customers.

Palin lays out the THEME for the McCain-Palin Campaign-Reform!

I believe after hearing her, most Americans will sleep better if McCain should die!
No one made major mistakes
She effectively cast herself as the fresh face in the race for the White House - and Biden as the Beltway insider.

Biden's errors
Biden: "Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be very, very destabilizing. They are more than - they are not close to getting a nuclear weapon that's able to be deployed."
Oh really? EU warns Iran close to nuclear arms capacity To date, Iran has produced nearly 1,000 pounds of low-enriched uranium.

He talked about the neighborhood he grew up in -- now he's claiming it was Claymont, Delaware. He never lived in Claymont. His prep school (Archmere) was in Claymont. Scrappy Joe from Scranton -- he's tried to connect himself to small town America and he has to lie to accomplish this. Biden knows they lose HUGE in small towns across the US.

Biden reminded viewers that McCain had called the fundamentals of the economy strong as recently as last month,. The difference is McCain did not rebut this point but Sarah rebutted it naturally!

Great lines:

"I think we need to band together and say never again," Palin said.

96% of Obama's vote is partisan (or something like that)

McCain does not tell one group one thing, and another group another thing

"We have not promised American people things we cannot keep"

"You (Biden) once said,"Obama is not ready to lead" untill you became running mate"

"There you look backward again"

Near the end Biden went on an effective offense, saying,"mcCain is NO Maverick, he voted....." naming McCain's vote on a range of issues. No time Palin could respond.

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