Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Thoughts About the Debate

By: SW

Just finished watching the VP debate from my hotel room in Maine. Want to put in a few thoughts before going to bed (it is after 11 pm here).

I kept wishing Palin would attack more, like bringing up the Democrats' being in the pocket of Fannie and Freddie, Obama being the second on the money-take list, etc. But afterwards I think it is good that Palin did not do that. She did her part of attacks, and stay on the high road by leaving these more controversial issues to the pundits and bloggers. She projects an image of being fresh, untainted by the good old Washington DC way, and the message of hope (and we a lot of this these days, given what is happening to the financial markets). It is in direct contrast to Biden's non-stop attacks on Bush and McCain, the looking backward (which she ridiculed). At a time when the main street is tired of silver-tongued politicians, Palin's cheerful disposition, optimism and down-to-earth manner will win people's heart.

Overall I think she did well. She may absolutely no gaffe, and went punch-to-punch with Biden who was in politics when she was in second grade. My wife and I cheered when she came out clearly against same sex marriage.

I think (and hope) that once again Palin energizes the Republicans and wins over independents so the race will stay close to the end.

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