Saturday, October 11, 2008

Prominent Baltimore communist on campaign trail with Obama


Tim Wheeler is one of Barack Obama's biggest fans and campaingner!

He is on the campaign trail with Sen, blogging as he goes.

Wheeler canvassed for his idol in the recent South Carolina primary.

Wheeler was in Obama's campaign HQ as the primary results came in;
But who is this dedicated Obama-fan?

heeler is a second generation member of the Communist Party USA.

Wheeler is a member of the CPUSA National Board and has been a mainstay of the party's Baltimore Club since the early '70s! WOW

From 1991 to 2003 Tim Wheeler served as editor of the party paper People's Weekly World. Currently he is the PWW's national political correspondent.

All over the USA Communist Party members and supporters are swinging in behind Barack Obama.

They have been working with and inside the Democratic Party to do so.
Now you may retort by saying,"What if KKK endorses McCain, does it make McCain bad, evil?" Yes, it would make him look bad, but mcCain could make sure KKK members are not welcomed as volunteers or campaigners! The difference is Ovbama welcomee communists to help him!

Go to the Obama'08 website and find the January 21 2008- Baltimore for Barack meeting minutes

You will notice that Tim and Joyce Wheeler are prominent members.

They are involved in organizing local canvassing and visibility events.
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