Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prove Obama lied again! See Obama campaigning for his Pro-violence, extremist couin in Kenya


Obama now denied that he ever associated with Kenya's opposition leader, Ordinga! Unbelievable! The evidence is massive!

McCain camp should play the video below & document Sen Obama’s campaigning for cousin politician last year in Kenya, using taxpayer’s money in a "fact-finding tour"! It is AT THE VERY LEAST terrible judgment and horrible foreign policy to ally himself with a n extremist, who after he lost election narrowly, instigated massacres against the people and killed over 500 Pentecostal Christians, burning down churches! Obama is on the wrong side and against Democratic election results!
Ordinda charged there was voter fraud.

Follow me PLEASE. So to use Ordinga & Obama's logic, If McCain should, God forbid, lose narrowly to Obama, in light of proven ACORN voter’s fraud nationwide, is it right then to stir up violence. That would be un-American and crazy! But that's what THEY approve & DID in Kenya!

Not a peep from Obama condemning violence of his ally!
2 minute U-tube version (both 8 minutes & 2 min show Obama campaigning WITH Ordinda. 8 minutes is MORE graphic, showing violence)

8 minutes version

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