Monday, September 29, 2008

At Debate, Biden Told: Ignore Palin


I must say since the GOP Convention, Gov. Palin has come under increasing scrutiny, and it must be stressful to be thrust on national media. She did not handle a question in a TV interview when CBS's Katie Couric asked her to explain her claim that Alaska's proximity to Russia and Canada gave her foreign policy experience. She needs to come across more confident and clear in her message.
if Biden get too confrontational with her, he could lose points.
If they asked her question about her religious beliefs &/or her pastor's beliefs, and she does not expect it, it could affect her performance & results.

As Senator Biden prepares to face off against Governor Palin on Thursday night in the campaign's lone vice presidential debate, Democratic strategists have a few words of advice for the lawmaker of Delaware: Ignore the Alaskan.

But Democrats are worried that his penchant for verbal missteps and his occasionally aggressive style could be a liability as he faces only the second woman to serve as a major party nominee for the vice presidency.

"His goal is to ignore Palin and focus on connecting with voters sitting in their living rooms by making clear he is indeed one of them — an uncommon, common man," a Democratic strategist who served as an aide to Vice President Gore during the 2000 campaign, Christopher Lehane, said.

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