Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Latest National Poll Shows Obama with a Paper-Thin Lead (Obama +2 WSJ/NBC)


McCain ahead by at least two amonst those who will likely vote!

Barack Obama has a statistically insignificant 48 percent to 46 percent lead over John McCain among registered voters with two percent choosing neither and 3 percent undecided in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey conducted Sept. 19-22. The margin of error is 3 points and the numbers includes leaners. Obama had led by 3 points in August and by 6 points in July. This poll differs from this week's Washington Post/ABC News and Fox News which both had Obama regaining statistically significant leads.

The internals show that over 70% have a negative view of the Democratic congress.

#32 asks how much confidence the pollee has in the media. Results:

great bit 5%
quite a bit 14%
Some 45%
very little 23%
Not at all 12%

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