Friday, September 26, 2008

Biden to be replaced by Hillary' on Obama ticket- latest rumor today


This from Belfast Telegraph 9/26/2008
Several US websites are today claiming VP candidate Joe Biden is set drop out of the US election to be replaced by Hillary Clinton.

I have posted several comments here about the long rumored drop out, as Biden has NOT helped, but maybe hurt the Dem. ticket. He is supposed to claim due to health reasons.

The 61-year-old had surgery ten years ago for two brain aneurysms and could leave the race after the VP debates take place on October 2, leaving the position open for Mrs Clinton to step up.

Pundits say the huge media interest surrounding John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin has prompted a rethink in the Democratic camp.

The Obama campaign's official website 'Fight the Smears' - set up to suppress any damaging internet rumors - has not addressed the latest reports, fueled speculation that there may be some truth in the rumor.

The only statement Obama's camp have released is to say that Biden's medical records will be released shortly.

Biden has been responsible for a number of gaffes in the last two weeks, including admitting his own ad campaign was 'terrible' in a CBS news interview and at one stage even acknowledged that Hillary Clinton may have been a safer bet for Obama's vice president position. I commented that that's SUSPICIOUS, given no VP ever criticized the Presidential candidate's ad like this!

However Democratic supporters have dismissed claims that Biden may drop out.

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel said: "It's's just not going to happen."

Christopher Hull, presidential scholar at Georgetown University in Washington DC said: “Joe Biden is not that big a liability. Joe Biden was arguably the most experienced candidate in the [Democratic primary] race.”

Obama has stood firm on his decision to install Biden as his number two, telling NBC's Today Show on Tuesday this week: 'Joe Biden is also an outstanding public servant and I am very proud of the choice that I made.' He added that he's a 'great admirer of Senator Clinton's' and hopes she will remain 'a close adviser'.

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