Monday, September 29, 2008

How Obama helped built ACORN into the largest radical left group today

What is Acorn?

They would describe themselves as a community action group, that helps low to middle class families with house, loans and other social needs. The problem is, they are also an anti-Capitalist group, even the largest radical group in America today!

journalist Sol Stern, this group is nothing more than a radical group, "leading this city to serfdom".

Journalist Sol Stern wrote,"If you thought the New Left was dead in America, think again. Walk through just about any of the nation’s inner cities, and you’re likely to find an office of ACORN, bustling with young people working 12-hour days to “organize the poor” and bring about “social change.” .... ACORN has 120,000 dues-paying members, chapters in 700 poor neighborhoods in 50 cities, and 30 years’ experience. It boasts... with some remarkable successes in getting municipalities and state legislatures to enact its radical policy goals into law."

The Wall Street Journal also covered this group:
"...When California regulators sued Acorn for not paying its own workers the minimum wage, Acorn argued that this would endanger its mission—because it would have to hire fewer workers."

So basically, they drove business out of town with their practices, but called foul when it came back on them.

I heard on radio how that these ACORN activists would approach & pressure these banks, to HAVE to lend money to the poor, regardless of their qualification.

This group is being investigated for voter fraud right now. Apparently, their workers registered about 2,000 fraudulent voters for an election. (Comment: Is Obama mobilizing ACORN nationally to get MORE votes this way? H'mmmm)

The ACORN workers told state investigators that they went to the Seattle public library , sat at a table and filled out the voter registration forms. They made up names, addresses, and Social Security numbers and in some cases plucked names from the phone book. One worker said it was a lot of hard work making up all those names and another said he would sit at home, smoke marijuana and fill out the forms.

How does this relate to Obama?

When you here Obama tout his "community organizer" experience. ACORN is what hes talking about. What has he done for this group?

1. Obama worked with a woman named Madeleine Talbot (ACORN leader), to clean up asbestos. Actually, she did all the work and Obama just took all the credit. In any case, Talbot lead an attempted raid on the Chicago City Council.

And what exactly was Talbot’s work with Acorn? Talbot turns out to have been a key leader of that attempt by Acorn to storm the Chicago City Council ...While Sol Stern mentions this story in passing, the details are worth a look: On July 31, 1997, six people were arrested as 200 Acorn protesters tried to storm the Chicago City Council session. According to the Chicago Daily Herald, Acorn demonstrators pushed over the metal detector and table used to screen visitors, backed police against the doors to the council chamber, and blocked late-arriving aldermen and city staff from entering the session. As Talbot was led away handcuffed, charged with mob action and disorderly conduct, she explicitly justified her actions in storming the meeting. This was the woman who first drew Obama into his alliance with Acorn, and whose staff Obama helped train.

(Comment: Sounds familiar, Obama suggesting supporters to use in-your-face aggressive way to persuade people to vote for Obama. Do they appear to be a bunch of thugs, like some suggest?)

Obama misled voters that he helped many races

2. Obama claims to have worked with with blacks, whites and Hispanics with this group, but in the LA times article, the community claims it was mostly blacks.

Consider the second charge against Obama raised by the L.A. Times backgrounder. On the stump today, Obama often says he helped prevent South Side Chicago blacks, Latinos, and whites from turning on each other after losing their jobs, but many of the community organizers interviewed by the L. A. Times say that Obama worked overwhelmingly with blacks.
Not that big of a deal, but it goes to show how Obama misleads people about what hes done as a so called "Community Organizer".

Why has the media been silent on this?

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