Monday, September 29, 2008

Boehner: "Pelosi's Ugly Partisan Attack Defeated Bail-out Bill"


Well, Pelosi just put her big foot in her big mouth! She has audacity to blame this on the Republicans, when it was CLEARLY the Democrats who caused this mess!

Republican Boehner speaking (saw on MSNBC). Pelosi apparently gave such a vile, hate-spewing attack of Bush and the Republicans on the House floor, blaming the current financial problems on "Eight years of this administration and its allies in Congress" that, according to one report, the heads of some Repubs who heard it 'exploded' and they 'went berserk.' The attack was so ugly that several dozen Dems bolted, too.

That smarmy, bug-eyed old Stalinist ("Riches for me; misery for you") just couldn't keep her bile bottled-up long enough for the vote. All bets are off now. Source on CNBC now saying DOW will drop an additional 2500 points by the end of the week.

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