Monday, September 29, 2008

Democrat Congressman: 'We put thieves in jail, we don't bail them out'...


"We are now in the golden age of thieves. And where I come from we put thieves in jail, we don't bail them out." — Rep. Pete Visclosky, Democrat.

Well said! Yes, for those Democtrats with backbone! I would as soon vote for them than those spineless Republicans who squander taxpayer's money! I am for principle over party though some of you may feel this is partisan.

The Indiana delegation voted 6-3 against the bill. Democrats Joe Donnelly and Brad Ellsworth and Republican Mark Souder voted to support the bill, while it was opposed by Democrats Andre Carson, Baron Hill and Pete Visclosky and Republicans Dan Burton, Steve Buyer and Mike Pence

"I have been rushed to judgment by the Bush Administration before. There hasn't been enough time to evaluate the impacts this legislation would have if enacted, or to consider alternatives. Congress deserves time to weigh the benefits and the potential pitfalls of borrowing this money." — Rep. Baron Hill, Democrat.

(Comment: More power to Democrat Rep Hills)

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