Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama’s Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, under FBI Investigation for 19 Years!


Trevor Loudon, posted September 8, 2008, on his blog, The New Zeal, is cross-posted at RBO with the author’s permission.

The New Zeal first broke the news of Barack Obama’s association with long time Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis in March 2007.

US journalist Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media seized on the story in February this year, researched it and has publicized it nationwide.

The story has been picked up by thousands of blogs and websites and several major news outlets including the UK Telegraph.

Now Cliff and the US’s top communist researcher and historian have obtained Davis’s 600 page FBI file and have written a report based on its contents.
Cliff has been appearing on leading talk shows all over the US publicizing this new material on Obama’s boyhood mentor

In a surviving portion of an autobiographical manuscript, Mr Davis confirms that he was the author of Sex Rebel. He stated that “under certain circumstances I am bisexual”
Davis describes having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Here’s a press release from Cliff’s publicist.

Special Report from Investigative Journalist Cliff Kincaid

In his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama describes a relationship he had with “Frank,” when Obama lived in Hawaii, and how he went to “Frank” for advice about college, racial matters, and other lessons of life. So, just who is this mysterious Frank, who so deeply influenced the life of Barack Obama?

The complete file and an analysis of the shocking information are now being featured on the web site of investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid at:

Kincaid also cites evidence that Davis was a sex pervert and pornographer.

One document refers to Frank Marshall Davis having CPUSA affiliations dating back to 1931. Kincaid also has evidence showing that Davis was involved in communist activities in the 1970s, during the time he mentored Obama. Davis was included in the FBI’s security index, Kincaid notes, meaning that Davis could be arrested or detained in the event of a national emergency. The FBI material documents Davis’s anti-white and pro-Soviet views, infiltration of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and other activities.

Former FBI agent and popular talk show host G. Gordon Liddy said about Frank Marshall Davis, “Only very dangerous people were on the FBI security index, people who were on the side of an enemy and not on the side of the United States.”

Ironically, Obama who would admittedly attend socialist conferences and pick Marxist professors as his friends, never had to undergo an FBI background check and, should he become President, will be in charge of overseeing the FBI!

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