Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Poll: One-Fifth Of Clinton Voters Are Now Backing McCain


We are aware nationally polls showed McCain behind. mainly because of impact of the credit crises

This from The Philadelphia Bulletin ^

The poll was taken Sept. 18 and 19, by ccAdvertising, It surveyed 10,000 in each of 13 states, simulating head-to-head elections between Sen. Barack Obama and Mr. McCain.

The survey, conducted by telephone, showed that more than 20 percent of voters who originally planned on voting for Mrs. Clinton are now supporting Mr. McCain - one-fifth of a constituency critical to Mr.. Obama's campaign.

Pennsylvania, where Hillary Clinton won 85 delegates in the Democratic primaries, showed over 35 percent of voters polled were originally Clinton supporters. An opinion widely accepted is that Mr. McCain selected Gov. Sarah Palin to shake up his campaign and reach out to supporters of Mrs. Clinton who felt jilted by Mr. Obama.

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