Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama's scary personality Cult


I can't help but to see resemblance between Obama & Jim Jones or even Adolf Hitler. There is something about their speeches, note how they all MESMERIZE & sway the crowd. Many of these people don't listen to logic or facts, if you hit their face with them!
They have been obamarized and so brainwashed that their Leader is ALWAYS right, no matter what!
Just some evidence to back up this observation & I am not alone to say this.
First we had Obama's personal Presidential seal
his Greek columns for a speech in a huge stadium, like a temple for Appollo the god
commemorative coins with his face on it! That's right!
This is unprecedented!

To my knowledge the face of a living person is NEVER placed on a stamp or a coin

The masses this time is drinking the cool laid of leftist propaganda poison and class warfare indoctrination!

Thus it seems that his Messianic campaign is liken to a personality cult, which appeals to the most impressionable and weakest-minded people.
There are multitudes who are so tired of politics as usual and they yearn for a Messiah to perform miracles and CHANGE this rotten society into a blissful paradise, where poverty, racism are eradicated.
For those who have studied Revelation in the Bible, this foreshadows the prediction of a future anti-Christ or False Christ. What will occur is MASS DECEPTION, on a GLOBAL scale!
I am witnessing the Obama phenomenon with tens of millions of Obamabots, and I believe that is possible.

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