Thursday, September 25, 2008

Latest smear s on Gov. palin , her daughter & brother-in -law


Someone circulated pictures of Gov. Palin in bikini holding a gun and another picture showing her underdressed. Turn out they are computer created, so they are FAKES!
Now they are smearing even her brother-in-law, James, for having been involved in a serious auto accidents in which he hurt someone.
So if that's true, when does a brother in law have to do with one's ability to govern?

One paper CLAIM Palin's pregnant daughter may have been into drugs BEFORE Palin became Governor.

These tabloids are vicious, looking for DIRT to make millions off it, much based on stories without revealing source/name. No way you can know whether it's true, but then someone's reputation is damaged!

Don't be gullible to believe everything you hear in media or paper.
Good people may have enemies who will stoop low to destroy them.

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